Wednesday, December 28, 2011

jewellery all around this christmas

I got one of Rachel Dhawan's beautiful silver pinecone necklaces from her line, Brazen...
Each pendant is cast from a real found pinecone.

Also check out her new line, Blisscraft and Brazen, a partnership with Aaron Reaume. They have created an amazing line which meshes woodcraft and silversmith work. 

I took a trip to the studio of Joanna Szkiela to do a little Christmas shopping for my mom and sister. Joanna has a gorgeous, and slightly eery, line of cast silver jewellery called Red Sofa.

...which turned out to fit, despite me not knowing her size. 

And her and I got the Crab Claws necklace...
which were cast from claws found on a beach in Donegal County, Ireland.

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