Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I was kind of surprised to realize that I hadn't posted anything about my first quilting project yet. I've been working on it for maybe 6 months now, and it's kind of getting close to being finished...well it's more than half done, anyway. 

Here are the centre panels, hand appliqued and hand quilted. There's a 12" border around this, but since I've barely begun to tackle it, it's not shown here.

closeups of the poppy...

and the water lily...

The back is a solid olive green and the stitching is cream so it shows up a bit more than on the front (although it's hard to tell from these pictures)...

This is the back of the lilac square, the quilted pansy square, and the beginnings of the border...

I really designed this quilt with my Gramma in mind. She was a master quilter with perfect stitches, but so humble about it. I think she considered quilting more of a utilitarian hobby than an art. She gave me this amazing wedding quilt about 8 years ago (I still have no marriage plans). Pretty soon I'll do a post with the other quilts that I have of hers. 

I've been meaning to start a quilt for so long, and it was April's beautiful quilt that inspired me to finally get it together (see it here and here). All of the fabric (front and back) is hand dyed, and it's all hand quilted.

April's mother, Judy Martin, is also an amazing textile artist whose blog I love to look to for inspiration. Her posts pretty much always make me tear up.

AND, I recently discovered the workroom, a sew and craft by the hour workshop and fabric shop whose blog I also love.

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  1. WOW this is impressive, it looks so intricate! You're very talented :)