Thursday, July 3, 2014

Studio Reorganization

I seriously de-cluttered my workspace in a fit of belated spring cleaning. Getting organized and ready for the upcoming knitting season. I replaced the overbearing wooden shelf with a few small stacking shelves and a line of inspirational objects to brighten up the space. My knitting loom now has its very own desk, as does my computer. Ah so nice to have elbow room!
 My cedar lined chest filled with wound balls of yarn ready to be knit is now under the window in the living room.
 A sneak peak of this year's colour palette inside the chest.
Not to mention, it's finally summer here and I can expand into my outdoor studio.
Feeling very excited about my upcoming F/W 2014 collection in this re-invigorating space!


  1. Hey, my name is Triambak, your blog is so beautiful. I thought you might be interested in a new digital knitting machine we are building (you can join our mailing list We are based in London, feel free to get in touch triambak (at) openknit (dot) org

  2. Amazing Triambak! Thanks so much for reaching out! Just signed up for the newsletter- I'm excited to stay up to date about this project.