Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wool Shopping Spree

I've been making my annual treks out to the peripheries of Toronto to my yarn distributors to choose this seasons' colours and fibers- always a thrilling time of the year. I found some absolutely amazing fibers that I'm really excited to work with.

Mermaid- a gorgeous range of sea blues and greens, super chunky single ply Merino wool
with Cobalt fair trade alpaca-Merino-silk and Charcoal baby alpaca-Merino peeking out from the sides:

Below are:
Charcoal baby alpaca- Merino
Mermaid kettle dyed Merino 
Cobalt Fair Trade alpaca- Merino- silk
Bubblegum Fair Trade alpaca- Merino- silk
Beach Fair Trade alpaca- Merino- silk
Midnight Fair Trade alpaca- Merino- silk
Palette Peek: 

 And finally cream sands and cloud whites for natural dyeing:
Cotton-linen, pure organic cotton, Merino wool, Peruvian Highland wool, Blue Faced Leichester wool, baby alpaca-Merino, Fair Trade alpaca-Merino-silk:

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