Tuesday, August 16, 2011

growing a pinapple from scratch

One of my first experiments in plant propagation: a year old pineapple plant grown from the top of a pineapple dumpstered from jean talon...

Such an incredible plant! It took three months to root in a jar of water, and has been growing steadily since being potted last summer. new growth sprouts out from the centre and, in another 2 years (with any luck), a pineapple fruit will follow!

Here's a little step by step guide I made for how to grow a pineapple from a pineapple top 
(click on it to zoom in)...
*** Special note about step 3: Seriously, the rotting flesh can really stink, so make sure it gets all cut away. Another pineapple attempt of mine somehow housed two insects which burrowed through the flesh and ate all the roots. Needless to say, this one didn't do so well, so if you see that some flesh has been left (or some insects have made their home), it (or they) can be rinsed off in running water.

Here's what you've got to look forward to...
pineapple growing in florida


  1. This is GREAT! I saw my first LIVE pineapple 6 months ago on a friends porch! I guess I never thought about it until then! I absolutely LOVE propogating my own plants from others... I'm totally trying this! Thanks for posting! =)

  2. No problem. Good luck with it! I'd love to hear how it goes.