Friday, August 19, 2011

new fall 2011 pieces

Sam and I did a photoshoot the other day, and I gotta say, I'm a pretty awkward, erratic model. But we did end up getting a bunch of good shots, which will be appearing soon on my Etsy site ( 

Here's a sneak peek...
 openwork cowl in slate, acrylic, hand crocheted

 braided headband in tropical sand, bamboo cotton blend, hand knit

 two-tone tote in crimson and flax, wool, hand knit 

 braided hairband in metallic gold, acrylic, hand knit and crocheted

dropstitch cowl in black, knitted cotton yarn, hand knit

Some of his techniques for trying to get me to relax were getting me to do everyday activities such as...
(tomboy toque in granite, acrylic, hand knit, 55-)
Good idea in theory, but I somehow think the question 'Why is she frantically mopping the bathroom floor?' might overpower the 'Wow I really want to get that hat!' sentiment...

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